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By allexteriors1696, Dec 30 2015 07:00AM

You would probably agree that a home is the biggest investment you will ever make. Therefore, when areas of your dwelling, such as its siding begin to deteriorate, they should be repaired quickly to preserve your home's integrity.

Choices. If you are siding your house, you will find there are many material options available. You can choose from vinyl, wood, stucco, pressboard or even aluminum, although the latter is not nearly as popular as it was a few decades ago. It is always wise to discuss installation and material options with a qualified contractor before making final decisions about such projects.

Maintenance. Once the siding has been professionally installed, its care and maintenance must be addressed so you can have years of trouble-free protection from inclement weather. Among some of the top tips offered by home-improvement experts is the regular painting of wood or pressboard siding. If you see cracks or "reptile skin" patterns on your siding this winter, it is definitely time for a new coat of paint or siding repair this spring.

Pressure Washing. Pressure washing your home's siding on a regular basis is also a wise course of action, as it not only keeps your home looking good, it protects the integrity of the material itself. Pressure washing can be done as a do-it-yourself project or you can hire a professional for the task. Whichever option you choose, the siding should be pressure washed on an annual basis.

Finally, if you are planning siding replacement as one of your future home repair projects, keep in mind that exteriors should be suitable to your dwelling. The material selected should be attractive as well as durable, and it should match the overall exterior décor of your house. This way, the outside of the home will remain attractive not only to you, but also to any potential buyers should you choose to sell your property in the future.

Experienced contractors, such as those at All Exteriors, LLC, are the best individuals to oversee siding projects and other home repairs. With over two decades of construction experience, they complete each home improvement task properly the first time, giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is in the hands of a qualified professional.

By allexteriors1696, Dec 17 2015 08:00AM

The most common problems around the exterior of a house involve its siding. With time, the vinyl material is exposed to various weather elements, including hot sun, rain, and wind. The vinyl breaks down and becomes brittle and weak. The average life span of this type of siding is 10 to 15 years. If you have issues or expect problems to develop on your home's siding, it is best to consider repairs or replacement before cold weather hits. Homeowners will gain many benefits from performing these tasks before winter spreads its fury.

Remain Warm. Old and damaged siding often exposes your home to the outside conditions. Cool temperatures compromise your home's warmth, which causes you to crank the thermostat and waste energy. This means you will be paying extra money each month on your heating bills. To avoid these costs, it is smart to perform some home improvement and re-side your house before winter. The new material will provide insulation from the cold weather and help maintain heating efficiency.

Prevent Mold and Other Issues. When siding is damaged, it may expose your house to wet conditions. Moisture may be allowed to enter the cracks and seep into your home. After wood gets wet, it becomes a place where mold develops and thrives. Mold is linked to numerous health problems. Also, it may compromise the integrity of the structure as the wood begins to rot.

Save Money. When vinyl siding gets cold, it becomes stiff and breaks easily. If you re-side your house during winter, panels can snap or crack. This means you will need to buy more expensive supplies. To avoid this added cost, it is smart to install siding before winter comes and brings freezing temperatures.

If you live in Wisconsin or Minnesota, you must brace yourself for the upcoming cold weather. If you are in need of vinyl siding repairs or replacement, there is no time to waste. For all your home improvement and remodeling needs, consider All Exteriors, LLC. These experts offer a wide variety of siding services and will provide tips to help you get your home ready for winter.

By allexteriors1696, Dec 10 2015 08:00AM

If you are like most homeowners, you take specific steps to winterize your home before frigid weather arrives. Gutter repair and maintenance are important parts of this process, as gutters protect your dwelling from dirt, leaves and other debris that can cause future problems. For example, if gutters are not properly maintained, water from sleet and snow can coagulate and freeze in elbow sections and other areas where it would normally drain away. This can result in the gutters becoming irreversibly damaged, as well as the seepage of water into your home through the roof.

Fortunately, completing gutter maintenance on a regular basis and availing yourself of helpful tips from professionals will ensure that your roof is protected against damage throughout the year. The following are some suggestions to help simplify this task:

Basic Cleaning-

After putting on work gloves and carefully placing a sturdy ladder against the side of your home, pick out large pieces of debris, such as leaves, pine cones or similar objects. After this is completed, use a garden hose with normal water pressure to rinse out smaller pieces of debris that would be difficult to completely removed by hand. You can also purchase a small tool called the gutter scoop at a local hardware or home improvement store. Plastic models are the best choice for any type of home, as metal tools can damage gutters if too much force is used.

Unclogging the Downspout-

When the basic cleaning has been completed, make sure that the downspout--also called the leader pipe--is clear of dirt and blockages. To check for obstructions, run the water hose through the pipe at full pressure. If the water begins to back up, a clog is present. Tapping the side of the downspout is the best way to loosen the obstructing debris, which can then be flushed out. If a serious clog is present, the downspout may have to be disconnected from the underground drain. If this is necessary, you should consider contacting a professional who can perform the task with special tools.

Everyone wants a safe and comfortable home during winter, and gutter repair is a good place to begin when the time has come to winterize your dwelling. Finally, as always, contact a professional contractor if you suspect a serious problem exists with your gutters, roof or other part of your home.

By allexteriors1696, Dec 3 2015 07:00AM

As family and friends come together during the holiday season, it can easily become the busiest time of the year for homeowners. Hosting guests from out of town and throwing parties requires planning and preparation. Here are some simple tips for homeowners to get ready for the holidays:

Declutter and organize. Go through each area of the home and do some decluttering and organizing. Focus on getting rid of unnecessary junk and items that are simply taking up space, but never get used. This is a good opportunity to go through kid's toys and donate the ones that they have outgrown, since they'll likely receive new gifts over the holidays.

If you're entertaining, then you will want your kitchen to be as clean and organized as possible. Rearrange cabinets to put the cookware and equipment that you'll use most towards the front. Stock up the pantry with any baking and cooking ingredients that you'll need.

Finish up projects. Take a look around the home for any unfinished and partially done projects that you may have started, but never got around to finishing. Take the time to finish up what you can. Having guests over is a great way to motivate yourself to tackle those tasks that you've been putting off for weeks or months.

Deep clean. Take a few hours to really deep clean the common areas of your home, including the entryway, bathrooms, dining room, kitchen, and main living areas. If you're hosting overnight guests, dust and freshen up the guest room to make it both comfortable and inviting. If you're pressed for time or feel like your cleaning skills are lacking, consider hiring a professional housekeeper.

Decorate. Once the home has been organized and cleaned thoroughly, it's time to pull out the decorations. Create a charming and festive atmosphere in the common areas of the home. Add lights to the exterior, and set them up on timers so that they turn on at the same time each day.

Plan the menu. Finally, plan out the menu to make holiday hosting as smooth and simple as possible. Be sure to include appetizers, drinks, and desserts, in addition to the main meals. Buy all of the ingredients and have the recipes handy so that you can start cooking well in advance of your guest's arrival.

Getting your home ready for the holidays doesn't have to be stressful. It can be an enjoyable time, preparing your place for the joys of the season. By using these tips, your home will be ready when your guests arrive.

By allexteriors1696, Nov 25 2015 04:00PM

Hosting friends and family for Thanksgiving dinner can be a big job, requiring a lot of preparation and a little bit of pressure. Homeowners not only have to plan ahead, cook the main dish, and make sure that they have all of the necessary supplies, but they also have to deal with the aftermath once the gathering is over. Here are some smart cleaning tips to help homeowners keep their place tidy during Thanksgiving dinner:

Clean throughout the day. Cleaning the house before guests arrive takes a lot of time and effort, but it's important to maintain the cleanliness while they're there, too. A holiday host has to wear many hats. In addition to cooking and entertaining, the host also has to ensure that they provide a tidy and comfortable space for guests.

Start with an organized kitchen. Organize the kitchen by cleaning out the refrigerator and making sure that all necessary food items and ingredients for the meal are front and center. Have dishes and cookware ready to go so that prep and cooking can begin with ease. Cook some food items in advance, and then simply store them in the refrigerator so that they can be popped out and warmed up for the meal.

Stay on top of dirty dishes. Don't let the dirty dishes pile up in the sink. Stay on top of them by rinsing as they come in, and load up the dishwasher frequently. Run a full load as soon as possible. By rinsing right away, there won't be a mountain of dishes with caked-on crust that will be even harder to wash later. Another option is to use paper or Styrofoam plates that guests can simply toss in the trash. Just make sure to keep the trash bins emptied as they fill up.

Plan for messes. Spills and accidents are bound to happen, so it's best to simply be prepared and plan ahead. Have extra cleaning supplies handy, like paper towels and sponges. When a spill happens, just grab the necessary items and get the mess cleaned up as best as possible. Accidents will happen, so homeowners should just try to take it all in stride. By being prepared and planning ahead, homeowners can keep their homes tidy while hosting a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.

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